Look at your passport and travel paperwork when you travel

Look at your passport and travel paperwork when you travel

If you should be resident in Spain their passport really should not be stamped. You really need to proactively show your evidence of property – for instance the a€?TIE’ (la tarjeta de identidad de extranjero) – together with your appropriate passport at Spanish line regulation. For additional suggestions, https://datingrating.net/nl/mylol-overzicht/ discover all of our located in The country of spain tips guide.

In case you are heading for The country of spain for jobs, see the help with visas and enables given that policies have changed since .

Passport legitimacy

If you are planning to travel to an EU country (except Ireland), or Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino or Vatican area, you need to meet with the Schengen location rules.

  • under years outdated on the day your enter (look into the a€?date of problems’)
  • appropriate for around three months following the day you plan to depart (check the a€?expiry day’)

The audience is asking the European Commission to explain the 10-year tip. Their unique recommendations for Schengen edge protections . Before this, for most Schengen nations your own passport could need to feel under years old in your whole go to, and also the 3 months after their visit may need to end up being within years of your own passport’s issue day.

Examine both the problems day plus the expiry big date inside passport. If you renewed their passport early, added period may have been added to the expiry big date. This could impact the requirement for your own passport to-be significantly less than several years old.

Speak to your vacation service provider or embassy of the nation you happen to be checking out if you think that the passport does not satisfy both these requirements. Renew the passport if you would like.


  • you can go to nations when you look at the Schengen location for as much as 3 months in just about any 180-day cycle without a charge. This applies any time you take a trip as a visitor, to consult with family or buddies, to go to business meetings, cultural or sporting events activities, and for short-term scientific studies or instruction
  • if you are travelling to The country of spain also Schengen countries without a charge, make sure that your whole go to is at the 90-day maximum. Check outs to Schengen nations within past 180 weeks just before travelling matter towards your ninety days
  • to keep much longer, to work or study, for companies travel or additional causes, you will have to meet the Spanish authorities’s entry requisite. You will want to consult the Spanish consulate in britain ahead of take a trip regarding what sort of charge and/or operate permit you may need. If you should be unable to go back to great britain ahead of the expiration of the visa/permit or visa-free restrict as a result of C-19 limitations, you need to speak to your regional immigration workplace (ExtranjerA­a) for suggestions. It’s also possible to contact 060 from a Spanish mobile range. If you find yourself going to Spain and need to extend the visa-free stay for exceptional reasons, eg a medical emergency, it is vital that you connect with the immigration bodies (ExtranjerA­a) to achieve this. In the event that you stay-in The country of spain with a residence allow or long-stay charge, this doesn’t rely towards your 90-day visa-free restrict.

Check your passport are stamped in the event that you enter or exit the Schengen area through The country of spain as a visitor. Edge guards use passport stamps to check on you’re complying because of the 90-day visa-free limitation for quick remains for the Schengen location. If pertinent entryway or leave stamps aren’t within passport, boundary protections will presume which you have overstayed their visa-free limit. You are able to program evidence of where and when your entered or exited the Schengen area, and inquire the line protections to incorporate this time and place inside passport. Examples of acceptable research feature boarding moves and tickets.

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