I want you guys to understand the implications of student loan debt

I want you guys to understand the implications of student loan debt

I wish I could go back and have made smarter financial decisions. A lot of people will tell you it’s not viewed the same way credit card debt and other debts are viewed. That’s not completely true. My husband and I together make a a Nurse. Great jobs, right? Well what if I told you we could barely get approved for a decent home loan because of our combined student loan debt? We both have great credit, but we have student loans from a private and state University. A LOT of loans! We pay on them monthly and on time. As a matter of fact, we pay MORE than the minimum and we’re still not ahead! We both wished we knew a little more about student loans in college. We’re doing our best to pay them off quickly, because interest is adding up! We could be living a lot more “freely” if we didn’t have these loans, but we’re having to bite the bullet and get them out of the way! That means lot’s of PB&J and less leisurely outings! I’m at least glad we are addressing it together! He has great knowledge, experience, and advice! This links to a payback plan that is magical!

This website gives you a good breakdown on the types of loans out there. It’s important to understand them before you just “click!” Some have really high interest rates and some don’t at all. There are loans for first generation college students and grants available too! Grants are good! Scholarships are out there as well! There are a TON of scholarships for student nurses! Some of them you can just get by applying! No essay required! They take time to fill out, but this is FREE money! It’s worth it! I would also encourage any nurses who are staying local to check with their hospital to see if they have a scholarship fund for nursing students! I had one that paid for my books every semester if I committed to a year of working there! It helped me out tremendously! Do your research yall! And be smart!

I hate how expensive education is and I hate that we are paying interest on education to the government, yet they are try to create loan forgiveness after 10 plus year of paying on them

Nursing school was a necessity in my life. It was what I wanted to do, and I did everything in my power to get through it! I got my act together financially once I got INTO nursing school, but I blew a lot on loans prior to that. I wasn’t educated. No body told me anything about loans. I never reached out to a financial counselor. I never took out just what I needed. I just clicked the max amount. That’s all I did. And those clicks now have me paying back back interest and payments that gives me regretful emotion every time!

I recommend anyone looking for a way to pay back loans, you check out Dave Ramsey

If it weren’t for student loans, I never would have become a nurse. I never would have lived out my dream job, and I would never have gotten to take care of and met the amazing people that I have! I never would have met my best friends, endured challenges in life that have made me stronger, and received the nursing education that I did, had I not had loans as an option! Loans are a beautiful thing because when it comes to education, there are many people out there like myself, who would not be able to attend college without them. However, they are only beautiful when they are dealt with in a smart, careful, thoughtful, and mature manner! If you are in school or heading off to college soon, I want you to sit down and do your research! This decision effects your future, your spouses future, and ultimately your family’s future! Lord help them if they don’t get that 10 years of interest! I also hate how hospitals are pushing for furthered education! It is SO expensive even when tuition reimbursement is offered! I am TO THE PENNY every month! I don’t even like the idea of taking out another credit card with 0% interest to pay it off! It all just scares me and seems pointless when the incentive for a bachelors isn’t that great! I would LOVE to go back to school, but the financial issue is there! I do not want to take out another loan! I am NOT okay with debt! Many people see it as nothing and like its just another loan payment! NO! It’s still debt, nonetheless! My parents didn’t live their life with debt over their heads, and I’m not going to either! The American way is to be in debt, like it’t no big deal! Ummm, HOLD THE PHONE payday loans MI! No, not cool Robert Frost! I refuse to be in that category and let it become the norm!

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