Programming us to lust, sexual perversion,be a good consumer

Programming us to lust, sexual perversion,be a good consumer

Believe it! Also know b4 hand the little voice will pop in “it didn’t work” “you don’t think that actually did anything do you”. Etcetera, etcetera , etcetera . pop that little devil right back out. Sometimes visuals help to solidify the action in our minds. At this point the devil will fight back.

Now about that lost soul of your’s. You cannot loose your soul. Your soul cannot walk away from you! You can give your soul to our Father in Heaven. Unwisely, you can give your soul to the darkness. But, it doesn’t mean your soul is now gone. It only means where you will go when your body gives up the ghost so to speak.You are your soul ! This is another thumbs up to the dark for our ignorance. You see, we are souls, spirits.The energy inside running this interface(our body) to the physical world. We all are caught up in this modern world. The states zionist tv programming. We are pounded by the devil all day. It builds in our subconscious and we act on it. Turn off the tv. Open your bible. Lay down beside the still waters. Lead us to green pastures. He stated this so he could heal us. you only need to give him a time at a peaceful unpolluted place to lie down and meditate on him. Keep your eyes closed. Focus on him. Promise him your are his and invite God our Father in Heaven inside to repair your soul. We can and do damage them thru sin. God is the only one who can repair your soul. Give him an hour or so a day just you and him. Be still on your back. You will feel things you never felt b4 if u have never done it. Be sure footed. Keep the faith. Boot that devil out the door!

The devil wants us to think physical and forget spiritual

I just want to add that I believe we are in the last days – look at whats happening in the world and on such a huge scale. The devil and his minions are everywhere and in almost everything. The RCC continues to be persecuted and ‘christians’ continue to hate and spit venom at anything Catholic. For all those times I was doubtful about the Church, this is a sure sign that it truly is Christ’s church otherwise the devil would leave it alone. Praise be to God and pray for abundant protection upon everything.

Mentally pull down it’s drawers and boot him out !

Hello and may the lord be with us,i have had this demonic presence in my life for many years it has tryed to kill me, it has driven the love of my life away,with our six children,i have brayed,went to church a couple of times,its seem everytime i get to a happy place in life it drives me i to a terrible situation, this demon has made me homeless many times, killi g my spirit slowly evertime i am rejected by all my family and ooved ones,even my daughters seem to rather be hookup bars Stockton with anyone else except daddy,it hurts,this evil deomonic one has led me to drugs manytimes, all different types of drugs,i loved the mother of my children but it seems this demonic force drives us apart, leaving me feeling rejected,abandoned,alomst lime no o e in the world loves me,im 40 years old,and i feel like my life is over,but i want to live,can someone help me beat this demon out of my life, my childrens life, and free the mother of my children from this evil,so that after 13 years we can settle down get married and simply raise our children together and in the presence of the lord . PLEASE HELP IM TIRED, WEEK, MY FAITH SEEMS LIMITED, HELP ME RID MY LIFE OF THIS DEMON NOW AND FOREVER.

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