SFS will award a student any Direct Loan eligibility that a student has remaining for the 2021-2022 academic aid year

SFS will award a student any Direct Loan eligibility that a student has remaining for the 2021-2022 academic aid year

Financial aid for summer is available for eligible undergraduate students currently enrolled in a degree program at the University of Virginia.

  1. Students must have a completed 2021-2022 FAFSA on file and must have completed all items on their To Do List in the Student Information System (SIS). The 2021-2022 FAFSA must be completed by financial aid.
  2. Students must be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. Students on SAP suspension will not be awarded financial aid for Summer Session until they are either meeting the SAP standards or they have successfully appealed their SAP status.
  3. Students must be enrolled in at cash advance online Alaska least 6 credit hours for summer (minimum of 3 credit hours to be eligible for a Pell Grant). All the credit hours must be either on-Grounds, in approved virtual courses, through a UVA-sponsored study abroad program, or a combination of the three. SFS will not award students financial aid for study at another institution during the summer. To be eligible for grant funding for summer, you must be enrolled in 6 credit hours on-Grounds.

All students who would like to be considered for Summer Session financial aid must submit the Summer 2022 On-Grounds Financial Aid Application Form.

In addition to submitting the Summer 2022 On-Grounds Financial Aid Application Form, students must also enroll (and remain enrolled) in at least 6 credit hours for summer before their financial aid eligibility will be reviewed

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If a student completes the summer financial aid application but does not enroll (and remain enrolled) in at least 6 credit hours for summer the student will not receive a financial aid award for Summer Session.

The on-Grounds cost of attendance for Summer Session includes tuition and fees, books/supplies, living expenses, Direct Loan fees, and travel. We offer this chart to help guide you.

The annual Direct Loan limits are listed on the chart below:

University grant aid for Summer Session is limited and is based on financial need. Priority for this grant funding is given to students based on their enrollment date and is awarded in the order in which students enroll. Because Summer Session is not a required term, University grant funding is not guaranteed even if a student is eligible for grant funding for the fall and spring terms. Please note that for Summer 2022 Summer Session on-Grounds University grant aid will not exceed $2,956 for Virginia residents and $9,790 for non-Virginia residents (there is a ount for BIS non-Virginia residents).

Students who receive the Federal Pell Grant during the academic year also may be eligible for this grant as part of their Summer Session financial aid, even if they do not receive a University grant.

  • To determine the remaining Direct Loan eligibility available for the summer term, view the financial aid awarded for 2021-2022 in SISpare the total amount of Direct Loans awarded for 2021-2022 to the limits listed on the above chart. If a student has remaining Direct Loan eligibility, the student will be offered their remaining annual eligibility for summer up to the cost of attendance.
  • Once Direct Loan eligibility is exhausted, the only other option for financial aid will be a Direct Parent PLUS loan (for undergraduate dependent students) or a private education loan.
  • The loan term dates to use for students who wish to apply for a private education loan for summer are based upon the Summer Session calendar. Once those dates are determined and published, check back here for specific dates to use. This loan term will alert Student Financial Services that the loan should be certified for summer only.

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